A Creative Curriculum with a Fun Approach

Operating for more than 15 years, Discovery Zone Childcare is a respected and admired early childhood learning center. Our curriculum and teaching methods are based on proven engagement and interaction models,which provide children with engaging and direct learning.

A Unique Approach

While a lot of learning centers primarily provide babysitting and traditional childcare services, our center is much more engaging. Our certified and credentialed instructors create activities and let children explore, all in a supervised in-home environment. For us, it is all about helping children develop and grow.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to serving the youth of our community, providing high quality early learning services and extended child care services. By providing for children we provide for the community and build a brighter future for everyone.

What Parents Have to Say

"The instructors and staff at Discovery Zone Childcare provided my son with the extra guidance and support he needed to do well in school. I truly appreciate them and the school."
Marcia R.



for Children